Whether it is a birthday celebration, anniversary, works outing or your wedding day, there's no doubt that a lot of responsibility will lie on a certain person's shoulders ........your DJ!


How many times have you been invited to that really special occasion and it has not to turned out to be that special at all?

How many parties have you been to where this happens to the newly weds :

"You are so excited for the next chapter of your wedding day, the reception. You have put so much time, effort and money into your wedding day and it's time to party! You have your first dance, you are so excited and look around. What a wonderful sight, your cherished friends and family - many who might have travelled long distances to be just with you for your special day.

You have dreamed about this magical day for a long time wanting it to be the best party that you've ever been to and one you that you will cherish for a lifetime! The DJ is trying to get the party started and to get your guests dancing but people are not responding as you had hoped they might. Then at the same time, although trying, somehow your DJ does not seem to have the ability to read the crowd....... your valued guests, to create a fun atmosphere  and get them involved.

Your friends and family that you had hoped would be a big part of your wedding memories and would be dancing and celebrating with you, are instead sitting down at their tables playing with their mobile phones, clutching a pack of cigarettes or even worse eyeing their watches wondering how long they have to stay before leaving without appearing inpolite!"


We've all been to parties like this before and don't think it is the way it should be! 

With 30 years of hosting private parties and events of all descriptions Trevor knows just how to get the crowd's attention and get some interaction...... even getting the most quietest of your guests to come out of their shell for the night and have some fun for a change!'


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