Hasn't the world moved on since the invention of the mobile disco!

 As well as relying on an entertaining DJ to create your magical memories, you can also get your guests to be part of the entertainment too. They may well be the next big TV star of X Factor, Britains Got Talent or The Voice and what better way to find out than to add karaoke to your next event.


We have over 10000 songs in the vault from the classic oldies to todays charts to tempt even your shyest and quietest of guests out of thier shell for the night to let their hair down and be the life and soul of your party!


Star of X Factor, Britains Got Talent and Barrymore's My Kind Of People, host Trevor Cooke will lead the way in the vocal challenge. 

We've got all the music, lights and technology to put on the night. 

We just need the talent - yes, you and your guests!



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07725 246653 tkcooke@icloud.com